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Born a Man of Kent and passed the Kent Test!

1996 BA, University of Leeds

2005 MA, Kent Institute/University of Kent

Professionally, I have worked with an array of prominent photographers, designers, scientists and artists notably in X-ray and clinical imaging, winning some acclaim and honours along the way including:

Design & Photography: Black and White Spider| Campaign Big Finalist | TED Talk created for TEDGlobal Conference Oxford | Applied Arts Canada | Graphis Photo: Gold |Retoucher – Kylie’s Pants, International Photography Awards/Lucie - International Photographer of the Year - Nick Veasey | International Photography Awards - Book of the Year (Other) for X-ray | Communication Arts, Award of Excellence, 49th Photography Exhibition | American Photography (24) | British Book Design and Production Award for X-ray | Paris Photography Prize (PX3) | Assoc of Photographers (AOP)Bronze

Radio: UK Radio Academy - ARIA Gold and Silver Awards for The Skewer BBC R4| BBC Audio Drama Award: Best Scripted Comedy, The Skewer| British Podcast Awards, Gold Best Radio Podcast| New York Festivals Radio Awards 2x Silver 1x Bronze

Read an interview about my work here

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